The recruitment process to become Cabin Crew starts with your Application form.  Airlines receive thousands of applications every year and are very choosy with whom they invite to their assessment days.  Getting your application form right is crucial to being able to progress within the recruitment process.

The majority of Airlines now request their application forms to be submitted online which is great news if your handwriting is not the best.  .  However, if you are asked to complete a handwritten  paper application form, then this must be done as neatly as possible without any crossing outs and your handwriting must be legible.

With all the application forms that the Airlines receive, they are much more likely to select the neat and tidy application forms over the scruffy ones.  Don’t forget they are looking for people who not only pride themselves in personal presentation, but also for someone whom has the ability to complete paperwork correctly.  A badly written, messy, and rushed handwritten application form, will not give them the best impression of the kind of person you are.

To find out exactly how to complete your application form and how to answer those awkward application form questions download our Application Form Cheat Sheet

Our quick application form hints and tips video


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