Please note the the following information is only a guideline and each airline will have their own specific working contracts, salary structure and benefits that they will offer.

Cabin Crew Contracts

Contracts offered can be for a 6 month, 1 year or even for a permanent position.  All contracts offered what ever the length will be subject to a probationary period, normally of 3 or 6 months.  All contracts offered by an airline is on the basis that they have received satisfactory references going back 5 years, that you pass a medical assessment and that you also pass the new entrant course.

Cabin Crew Salary

The starting salary for a new recruit is approximately £14,000 per annum including flight pay which is an allowance that is paid to you for every hour that you are working away from base.  Experienced cabin crew’s salary can go up to £16,000 and senior £22,000 both including flight pay.

What a cabin crew member gets paid can also be made up of a different number of elements

Overnight allowance may be payable if you are required to spend a night away from base in a hotel provided by the airline.

Language payments, some airlines will pay a higher wage to cabin crew with a second language. The amount paid is normally dependent on the number of languages that can be spoken.

With some airlines commission is paid to any duty free/merchandise and refreshments sold during the flight.

Uniform allowance, some airlines may require you to pay back the initial cost of your uniform.  This is normally done by deducting a small amount in installments directly from your salary.

Cabin Crew Benefits

Working as Cabin Crew you may find you receive some great benefits or concessions.  Here are some of the benefits that may be offered:

  • Greatly reduced flight costs for yourself plus friends and family
  • Private pension scheme
  • Holiday entitlement
  • Life insurance
  • Free accommodation (offered by some international airlines)
  • Tax free salary  (offered by some international airlines)
  • Discounted duty free products sold on-board


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