Monarch Airways

Name: Emmeline Maidment
Airline: Monarch

“I started my training on the Sunday and it was straight into the deep end!”

The new entrant training course

I started my training and it was straight into the deep end!!  The first day was like an army boot camp and they really wanted to try and scare us away!!  But it didn’t work and it made me even more excited and determined to succeed!!

The first week was a very tiring week with long hours and lots of studying!  Most of the days I was working between 2pm till 10pm which left the mornings to study.  I had an exam on the Tuesday, Thursday and another one on Friday and so I didn’t sleep much at all as I was up all night studying!  It’s been so long since I’ve studied that it’s taken a while to get back into the swing of things.  But all the hard work paid off as I got 100% in all 3 of my exams!!

Yesterday was the killer day for us all!  We had Friday and Saturday as our days off and returned back to work at 8am yesterday and went straight into a huge exam on our first aircraft.  Then at 11am we all got on a coach for our 5 hour journey to Gatwick Airport!!  Yesterday we started studying our next aircraft type that we will be flying on, so we had to go and visit the aircraft to familiarise ourselves with it.  We arrived at Gatwick at 4pm and when we arrived we were told that the aircraft hadn’t even left Malaga yet!!  They also told us that we now only had 15 minutes to look around the aircraft as they had to turn it around ASAP as it was going straight back out to the Maldives!!  So at 7pm we all legged it onto the aircraft and tried to familiarise ourselves with it (in 15minutes!!!!!) while the cleaners, caterers and crew were on board getting the aircraft ready for the next flight!!  It was crazy and like an S.A.S operation!!!  Then at 7:15pm we all jumped back on the coach for our 5 hour journey back to Manchester Airport!!  After a 17 hour day and starting work at 7:30am, I didn’t get home until 12:30am!!! …….. 10 hours of driving just to look on a plane for 15 minutes!!!!  As they kept saying to us all yesterday – “Welcome to the world of Aviation”!!!!!!!)

Luckily the next day we did not start training until 2pm or else I think we’d all be asleep at our desks!!!  This week I have 3 more exams and the same will happen for the rest of the training!!

The second week has flown by but there is still a lot of hard work ahead of me to pass the next 5 weeks of training.  The course is VERY intense and we are being assessed every day by what we are wearing, our hair and make up etc.  So you have to be on your toes constantly as you never know what they’re going to throw at you next!!  But I’m absolutely loving it so far and I’m really enjoying living in Manchester.  It’s so much different to Peterborough and there’s millions of things to do.

In between my days off and before my training started I had chance to check out the Trafford Shopping Centre and Manchester city itself.  Everywhere is so cool and there’s millions of things to do around here.  It’s great living so close to so many cool places, and it’s got everything that I need.

Training has all been mega intense but I’ve really enjoyed it!  I had 4 days in Luton where we had all our practical training and did all the cabin services side of the job – how to serve the meals, drinks and deal with passengers etc!

I finish my training on Friday morning with my last and final exam!! Yippee!  Then at 11am on the Friday I had my wings ceremony which is the same as graduation at University.  I got presented with my ‘Wings’ badge which I wear on my uniform jacket and this is my key to fly!!

On the following Sunday I had my first flight and I was off to Alicante!!  After my first flight to Alicante on the Sunday, I then had Monday and Tuesday off and then was on Stand-by on the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!