Cabin Crew Careers

Cabin Crew Careers

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Once you have been recruited by an airline to work as a cabin crew member you will have to complete a mandatory 4-6 week Cabin Crew Safety training course

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Some information on Cabin Crew contracts, salary and benefits you may be offered once recruited. This information is a guideline only and varies on airline

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Career in Travel have compiled some information giving you Cabin Crew highs and lows of the job. Career In Travel is packed full of cabin crew free advice
cabin crew frequently asked questions

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Our help desk receives many questions about working as Cabin Crew or the recruitment process.  Here are some of the most common Cabin Crew frequently asked...

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Here is a good insight into the day in the life Cabin Crew working a typical charter flight from Gatwick to Tenerife and back again.


Monarch Airways

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Emmeline Maidment who works for Monarch as Cabin Crew shares her Cabin Crew safety training story with Career In Travel.