So you want to become Cabin Crew but unsure on where to start.  Or have you have applied previously and been rejected by the airlines?

The competition to become Cabin Crew is fierce with thousands of people applying the airlines can be pretty choosy on who they invite to their interviews. Follow these simple steps and you will be invited to interviews before you know it:

  1. Download our Application Form Cheat Sheet, for invaluable inside information on completing your application forms.
  2. Visit the airline website and access their online application form
  3.  Think about your answers and check back with the Application Form Cheat Sheet to ensure you have answered them correctly
  4. Get dressed up and get a friend to take some head and shoulders and full length photos of yourself
  5. Check with your Application Form Cheat Sheet to ensure your photos conform to what the airlines are looking for
  6. Check over your application form and submit it

Alternatively Why not read through hundreds of Applicant Success Stories to find out how they secured a cabin crew job with the leading UK airlines.

If you find the above daunting or you want to have an edge over other applicants, then we would recommend that you apply with the help of a training course.   Choose a course that offers recruitment help such as the Cabin Crew Diploma or our Cabin Crew Recruitment workshop.

Cabin Crew E-Learning Diploma Course

Cabin Crew Recruitment Workshop (Formally known as The Cabin Crew Course)

We focus on what’s important

getting YOU the job!

We have been providing help and support for years to people wanting to become Cabin Crew.  Which is why we pooled all our knowledge, inside information and expertise and created the Cabin Crew Recruitment Workshop.

Our 1 day workshops are run regularly at both Manchester and Gatwick airport.  And conducted by people currently working as Cabin Crew.  They will give you essential information on the following key areas to help you to prepare for your cabin crew interview:

  • Grooming
  • Behaviour
  • Team work
  • Body language
  • Group activities
  • Self assessment
  • One on One interviews
  • Interview Q & A’s

The Cabin Crew Recruitment Workshop will provide you with the tools to fully prepare you for all of the Cabin Crew recruitment stages and enhance your confidence. After attending the workshop you will:

  • Improve your airline application forms success rate
  • Widen the scope of your recruitment opportunities
  • Increase your chances of being recruited
  • Enhance your confidence
  • Have an understanding of how a cabin crew’s day is structured
  • Overcome any nervous anxiety about the recruitment process
  • Have confidence in any group activities during your interviews
  • Be able to use the correct body language at your interviews
  • Have the ability to conduct yourself effectively during the one on one interview stage
  • Know how to handle any awkward questions during your interview

Book your place now on the next available workshop and be successfully recruited by an airline!